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Reviews and Testimonials

"I can confidently recommend Fresh Coat painting company to meet your painting needs. They were prompt, thorough, and accomodating from start to finish."

- Mary Ann,Lexington

"The guys from Fresh Coat have just left and I couldn't be happier with my deck. When I called around for bids, I quickly realized there are some companies that act as if your business is personally important to them, and Fresh Coat is one. Terry came to look and see what work needed to be done, and explained various options. The next day, he sent a detailed proposal. By comparison, the other companies I approached sent a two line email response with a price and asking when they could start - no details, no visit to see the job they would be doing, no follow up. As a result, even though Terry's price was the highest, I knew what I would be getting and had absolute confidence in hiring him. Once they started the work, they uncovered a problem which meant they needed to make some changes to the original plan, no longer doing the Revive treatment and using a solid paint instead of a stain because of the age of the wood. While it would have been very easy for a less honest workman to simply carry on and not tell me (and still charge the higher rate), Terry came by personally to explain the changes, why they were doing them, and that the bill would now be lower. All work was done professionally and the deck looks great. I will definitely recommend Terry and Fresh Coat to everyone I know. Great job, and great service."

- Fiona,Lexington

"From the first visit for our price quote to the end of our service, Terry and his employees made us feel like we had made the right choice. Terry was very professional, accomodating and took his time to make sure he knew exactly what we wanted. He also looked at other rooms in our house at our request and gave us a great price so we ended up doing our Master bedroom as well. We are very pleased with how it turned out! I felt like his workers were very respectful, did a great job and cleaned up after themselves. If you are looking for a good painter, with great results, you really should check out Fresh Coat Painters of Lexington. I have used a few other painting companies in the past and from what I've seen, I believe this one is the best!"

- Rebekah,Lexington

"Ben has emailed us that you completed the job and he said it looks great. Thank you Terry, and your team, for your hard work. It sounds like you did excellent work and got it done ahead of schedule. That will help us a lot in getting this house on the market and getting it sold, we couldn't have asked for more!"

- Jason,Lexington

"Just wanted to let you know how excited I am with my "new" living room and hallway. What a difference the new paint color made! Roger did a a great job as you would expect from a professional and I'm sure it was no easy task going up the stairs to high ceilings! Thank you so much, I've told everybody about Fresh Coat Painters!"

- Brenda,Lexington

"Mr. Williams and his crew did the professional job they promised to do. They arrived at my home to paint exactly on time. They did a great job of painting my home. Everyone was kind and professional. I would highly recommend Fresh Coat of Lexington."

- Rachel,Lexington

"I would highly recommend him. He is a small business owner that pays his employees well, and pays for things like workers comp, and benefits. Therefore, he gets good people to work for him. They are skilled, and if they aren't up to snuff, he gets rid of them. The staff is reputable, and know what they are doing. Terry comes by before and after the job. Even if you say something is OK, but he doesn't like it, trust me, it's done again. A Plus! I have a very small condo, but if and when I needed to, I would use him again. I thought his pricing was very reasonable, it included the paint. I was embarrassed by the prior painting job that was done in my condo. He is very personable, with many years experience."

- Carolyn,Lexington

"We had two rooms painted in our home. The service was fantastic. Someone came out and evaluated the work to be done. All of our questions were answered, and the person was excellent.. The professionalism was outstanding, and the painting was excellent. The job was scheduled immediately, and It was fast...perhaps several hours, and the quality and detail of the rooms painted were perfect. We are very, very, VERY particular, and we found no mistakes or errors. We have hardwood floors and crown molding, and the paint job was flawless. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no strong paint odors we have a young child. Having these rooms painted was ONE of the easiest makeovers I have EVER done. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a quality interior painting service."

- Khalil,Lexington

"The project was begun and completed on the agreed upon dates. Fresh Coat sent in a large enough crew to complete the work in a timely manner. The drywall repair looks great! The paint looks wonderful! The painters moved all furniture, covered everything and were very neat. The price was slightly higher than the other painters I contacted, but the other contractors were one-man operations and could not finish the job before school started. (This was important to me as I'm a teacher.) I appreciated the fact that they were always on time, very courteous and helpful.I would definitely use them again, especially on a large job."

- Susan,Lexington

"From the initial contact to the time the work was done we were VERY impressed. Terry contacted us promptly and gave us a great quote. They were able to work with our schedule quickly. There were four painters initially (one the last two days, who was a trooper) and they were VERY professional and VERY friendly. They hustled and worked non-stop! We have high ceilings and a few odd walls and they were spot on! I can't emphasize how impressed We are. The rooms are gorgeous!! Thank you to each and every one of your team! I can't recommend you quick enough!"

- Carol,Lexington